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 Sacred Geometry That Heals

At Universal Gridworks we provide healing through these amazingly beautiful and powerful crystal grids. These grids are designed specifically with your intentions in mind. We incorporate unique fractal prints with healing crystals which are laid out in sacred geometrical patterns that assist you with manifesting all that you desire. From health, abundance, forgiveness, and healing all the way to unity and enlightenment, these grid literally ROCK!


What is a crystal healing grid?


A crystal healing grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones. These stones and crystals are then infused with specific intentions and healing vibrations for the purpose of assisting you in manifesting your desires. Whether it is balancing your energy, raising your vibration, or assisting with deep spiritual understandings, these grids are powerful.

The great thing about crystal healing grids is that you can use them to manifest just about anything. These powerful grids incorporate the use of healing crystals and stones because of their precise vibratory frequencies. Each stone has its own specific energy vibration that brings forth and supports intention when they are programmed with love. Vwww.  Visit to learn the meaning and importance of specific crystals.  

The process of grid creation at Universal Gridworks is what separates us from all others. The love and peaceful environment is what really sets the tone for the healing energy that is infused into each crystal grid. Classical music plays in the background while I receive channeled guidance for the specific crystals and their placement on the fractal. Numerology ( numerical vibrations ) is also incorporated within the grid to enhance the power of your intentions with numbers. For example, if you're wanting to create change in your life, then your grid may incorporate 5 specific crystals into a sacred geometrical pattern to support that specific numerical vibration. The number 5 represents change. I am always in a relaxed state of receiving when I am working on your grid. This ensures that the highest vibrations be made available to you at all times. I assure you that each crystal is programmed with the highest love and vibration supporting your needs. After completion of the grid, it is smudged and sealed with love. All channeled messages, are received specifically for you and brought forth with the highest intent from your guides. A wonderful and amazing process of creation!
Let us create a special, one of a kind, crystal grid for you today!